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Directing/Producing Credits
New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico): “New World Updated”.  An exploratory multi-media jumping off place based on the novel “Brave New World”. Equated corporative with communist control of human behavior.
American University in Bulgaria (7/95-6/96): Tennessee Williams, "The Rose Tatoo"; "Variation on a Bulgarian Folktale"; Tales of Napi" (Blackfeet creation stories, with Daystar: Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America); "Excerpts" (from 12 international plays); and "Something Is On The Way Out, Something Else Is Being Born" (mixed media event based on an essay by Vaclev Havel). Supervised the development of original student plays.
Stefan Kirov Dramatic Theatre, Sliven/Varna International Theatre Festival, Bulgaria (7/96):  “Mythic Cycles”. Videotaped  Daystar: Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America, and Bulgarian choreographer, Borjana Sechanova,  developing  cross-cultural dance/theater work on “deer stores” with Bulgarian performers. Funded by Arts Link.
Anadolu University “Konservatuvari” for Music and the Performing Arts,  Eskishir, Turkey (8/93-5/94): Staged Fredrich Durrenmatt’s "The Visit", Edward Albee’s “The Sand Box”, Maurice Maeterlinck’s "The Intruder", Woody Allen’s "Death Knocks", Thorton Wilder’s, "The Journey from Trenton to Camden". Our production of “The Visit” was invited to the Istanbul International Theatre Festival – a first.
Dowling College Premiere: Ned Bobkoff “The Man At The Piano Is Not Here”. Concert play on the life of Clara Schumann. The play has been produced in the United States, New Zealand, England, Germany, Italy, and the International Theatre in Vienna, Austria.
South Arkansas Art Center (El Dorado, Arkansas 7/93): Steven Sondheim, "Into the Woods"
Santa Fe Community Theatre (7/92):  Adjudicated 1992 New Mexico Playwriting Contest. Staged Marcella Bingham and Joshua Bryant’s  "Class Act" (1st place).
Northern New Mexico Community College, Espanola, NM. (5/92). Stage adaptation of Rudolpho Anaya's, "The Legend of La Llorona" (The Weeping Woman).
United World College of the American West (Montezuma, NM 3/92): John Jory's "University".
Institute of the American Indian Arts (Santa Fe, N.M 1990-92): Ned Bobkoff, "Wild Water Running" (highlighting the clash of cultures in New Mexico). “Dances with Words and Music” (student performances focused on Native American concerns.)
Taos Arts Association,Taos, New Mexico (7/88): Tennessee Williams, "The Glass Menagerie". Staged readings of original one-act plays.
Florida Studio Theatre (5/88): Production advisor: Elie-George Berreby, "JONAH" (translated by John Reich and Ned Bobkoff). New Playwright's Festival.
American Southwest Theatre Company (New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM (1986-87): Guest Director: Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol". Supervised the development of original work for "New American Plays Festival". 
Dowling College, Oakdale, NY (1967-86). Established the Loft Theatre. Staged Samuel Beckett’s  "Waiting for Godot" & "Krapp's Last Tape"(with video); Jean Giradeaux, "The Apollo of Belloc"; Anton Chekhov, "The Boor"; Eugene Ionesco, "The Chairs" and "The Bald Soprano"; August Strindberg, "Miss Julie" & "The Stronger"; Edward Albee, "The Zoo Story" and "The American Dream"; William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet"; Murray Shisgal, "The Typist" and "The Tiger"; Tennesee Williams,  selections from "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and "27 Wagonloads of Cotton"; Peter Handke, "Kaspar" and "Self Accusation" (mixed media events); Jon Jory’s “University”; Albert Innaurato, "Gemini"; Ann Jellico, "The Knack"; Terrance McNally, "Bad Habits" and "Botticelli"; Clifford Odets, "Rocket to the Moon"; Fernando Arrabal, "The Automobile Graveyard"; Woody Allen, "Sketches"; Harold Pinter, "Revue Sketches" and "A Slight Ache”; Max Frisch, "The Firebugs"; Thorton Wilder, "The Long Christmas Dinner"; Langford Wilson, "Rimers of Eldritch"; David Mamet, "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" and “Duck Variations”; Eugene
O'Neil, "The Hairy Ape" and "Ile"; Julie Bovasso, "Schubert's Last Serenade" and "Standard Safety"; Rosalyn Drexler, "The Line of Least Existence" and "Skywriting"; Sam Shepard, "Cowboys #2", "Forensic and the Navigators"; Luigi Pirandello, "The Man With The Flower In His Mouth"; Israel Horovitz, "Its Called the Sugar Plum", "Stage Directions", "Rats", "Line", "Leader"; Jose Triana, "The Criminals"; Michael Weller, "Moonchildren"; Robert Montgomery, "Subject to Fits"; R.D. Laing, "Knots" and "Do You Love Me?" (with puppets); Robert Patrick, "Kennedy's Children", "One Person", and "Still Life"; Peter Parnell, "The Sorrows of Stephen"; Studs Terkel, "Working"; Arthur Kopit, "Oh Dad, Poor Dad…"; Shirley Lauro, "Open Admissions"; David Haliwell, "Hail Scrawdyke!"; "Everyman" (a clown show); Selections from Moliere’s plays “The Misanthrope” & "The Imaginary Invalid"; and Ned Bobkoff, "The Butcher's Scandal", "Asides and Soliloquies", "The Angel In the Balcony", and “The Man At The Piano Is Not Here” (premiere: concert/play on the life of Clara Schumann). In addition, I supervised the development of original student plays. 
Great Neck Theatre 6/84 (Ruth Klinger, Producer): Ronald Ribman, “The  Burial of Esposito” & “The Son Who Hunted Tigers in Jakarta”.
Steamboat Repertory Theatre,  Steamboat Springs, Colorado (12/83): Mark Medoff, "When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?" 
Long Island YMCA Theatre, Comac, New York (3/82): Arthur Miller, "Incident at Vichy"
Slavic Cultural Center, Port Jefferson, New York. Staged “Syzygy” – a multi-media theatre event for dancers and actors.
La Mama, New York City: Asif Currimbuoy, "The Dumb Dancer"(with Kathakali dancer), Ned Bobkoff, "The Butcher's Scandal" and "The Angel In the Balcony". 
The Cubiculo: Rosalyn Drexler, "Skywriting"and  Kenneth Cameron, "The Hundred and First".
The Kitchen (New York City): "Syzygy" (mixed media work), and Peter Handke’s “Self Accusation”. 
Kalmazoo Playhouse (Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1969): John Littlewood, "Oh What A Lovely War!" and Paul Foster, "Tom Paine".
Raleigh Civic Theatre,  Raleigh, North Carolina (1968): Oscar Wilde, "The Importance of Being Ernest".
Rice University, Houston, Texas (1967): Martin Duberman, "In White America"
Old Town Theatre: Houston, Texas (1967): Barbara Garson, "MacBird"
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin (1966): Barbara Garson, "MacBird"
The Hamlet (Houston, Texas 1961-64 Artistic Director/Producer: Jack Gelber, “The Connection”; Jack Richardson, "Gallows Humor";  Eugene Ionesco, "The Lesson", "The
New Tenant" & "How To Get Rid Of It"; Edward Albee, "The Zoo Story" & "The Death of Bessie Smith"; James Thomas Jackson, "Baa, Baa Black Sheep"; Karl Wittlinger, "Do You Know The Milky Way?"; Harold Pinter, "The Dumb Waiter" & "A Slight Ache";; Elaine May, "Not Enough Rope"; Arthur Schnitzler, "La Ronde"; Jules Feiffer, "Revue Sketches"; N.F. Simpson, "The Hole";  Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "The Alligation". Original satirical and musical revues: “A Step on the Third Rail”, “In Other Words and Every Thing”, “Coming Attractions”, “Bits and Pieces”. Also produced jazz and folk festivals, cabaret cinema, and poetry/music readings.
The Playhouse, Houston, Texas (1964): Jack Gelber’s, "The Connection"
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas (1963): Fernando Arrabal, "The Automobile Graveyard"; Jules Feiffer, "Crawling Arnold"; Edward Albee, "The American Dream".
North Side YMCA and Lincoln Settlement House, Chicago, Illinois (1962-63): Eugene O'Neil, "The Lost Plays of Eugene O'Neil"; Moss Hart, "Light Up the Sky"; Jack Richardson, “Gallows Humor”; Ned Bobkoff, "A Rhetoric of Dreams".
Chicago Jr. College (Bogan and Fenger branches), Chicago, Illinois (1962-63): Thorton Wilder, "The Skin of Our Teeth"; Alfred Musset, "A Door Is Either Open or Shut"; William Saroyan, "Hello Out There"; and Edna St. Vincent Millay, "Aria De Capo".


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