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Oz In America

Oz in America
“The Impervious Wizard sat in the catbird seat in the egg shaped
room of the Great White House in the forbidden city of the District of Columbia...”
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A Dramatic Leap
A Daring Dramatic Leap
“After raising the money, casting the play, starting rehearsals and finding a place to stage it, the playwright found out that his backers had stolen away....”
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black widow spider

The Black Window Waltz
“How could she do this to me? She phones me, after she asked me to leave, tells me what mail arrived, who called, the latest news, chit chat. Then she drops the bomb. “Quentin’s going to install a phone line here”.   

 “At  your place?”

“Yes”, she said cheerfully. “He’s going to put his machine under the bed”.   Under the bed, I thought, what a nice place to be a machine....”



Ned Bobkoff
writer, director, teacher, producer
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Oz in America A Daring Dramatic Leap