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From Ali and Nino




Where is the veil on Nino's face?! I cannot see a woman behind a veil,
but I know who she is. Her habits, thoughts, her desires, her soul.
Unveiled women are different. You see their eyes, nose, skin, and more.
What hides behind Nino's eyes? Other men look at her, she is pleased.
I kiss her, touch her bosom, caress her thighs, and we are not even
engaged! When I ask, what do you long for? She shakes her head,
astonished. I love everything about Nino. Her eyes, her voice, her
way of talking. I will marry her. Inshallah!  She will become a good
wife, like all Georgian woman. The future begins on the day Nino becomes
my wife!

(thundering hooves of horses)
My friends, armed and on horseback, fetch Nino. The Mullah asks the

(whispers, incantations)
Every man has enemies. Enemies who draw their daggers on the
wedding day. It is not easy to get to the bridal chamber on the wedding
        (OLD GNARLED HAG appears, raising her
palm for coins. ALI drops a gold coin into
her palm. A clap of thunder, lightning.
ALI strips off her mask: NINO. Her body                                        
pressed into a kid leather corset tied with
knots. ALI struggles with the knots.)

Cut these knots, and it will bring me shame and dishonor!

  (laughter, guffaws, door knocking)
This house is like an ant heap! Friends, relatives, friends of the friends
relatives. Everyone impatient if it takes too long...
  (ILYAS BEY appears, raises a pistol. A
shot rings out. Cheers, applause, a sigh
of wind...)

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