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Theory of Relativity  

E=MC Squared
 (a cosmic journey for a comic dancer)

A boom, a cosmic splash, a dazzle of light. Happy Einstein appears tap dancing. Wild bushy hair, eyes wide open, thoughts flying, he (or she) wears a beat up old sweater with holes for elbows.  
Happy Einstein
(tap dancing)
E equals MC Square, Equals MC Square, MC square! I'm not interested in the details. I want to know how God thinks. That’s what Einstein said. Some people say I look like him. Well I do, don’t I?  There is a similarity, if I can say so myself. A critical mass, that’s me!.
(cosmic music, dance change, sings)
I hear music and I’m right on time, I see light and its all sublime. I stop motion and I step in time. I wonder why, I wonder why?
 (seizes a beam of light)
Ein Sof!
(seizes another beam of light)
That’s the Hebrew word for the Unknowable.  The Great Song of the Universe. The Power that Passes all Understanding. The kicker, yup!.
(chalks formula on stage)
E equals MC Squared. My favorite formula!
(switches dance)
Look here,  let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t separate creation from the every day. Oh no, not me! Spare me the thought. I like getting a handle on whatever it is I’m trying to get a handle on. Yup, that’s a OK with me...
(switches dance)
E equals MC Squared. A beginning of a begining, right? Well, let me tell you, it’s all a mystery to me.  Its part and parcel of the whole operation, right? No ifs or buts about it. Yup. Think, dance, discover the mystery.  Part and parcel of the imagination. Its all in the imagination!
 “Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted counts” Einstein said that. Thats what he said. And why should I doubt it?  
(violin music, switches dance)
Einstein loved to play the violin. Sometimes I hear in my mind’s ear a sliver of music. Lyrical, challenging. And I go for it. Here, there,  and everywhere. Like there’s no end in sight!
(suddenly freezes)
I stand stock still. Listen. Breath. Completely captivated, I am deep nside a stream of consciousness. Light. Sensing a move coming on. Taking in whatever cosmic dust happens to be around. I grab it. Digest it. Think big time thoughts. In short, I am always on the look out for fresh cosmologies!. Even with my eyes closed, I go for it!
(closes eyes)
Grab a cluster of cosmic dust, and move!   
Here, there, everywhere! Yup. Feelin it with every bone in my body. Believe you me, it’s a break through. A personal but still yet a universal experience.  
(opens eyes)
I move, I jump, I twist, I bend, I turn. Loop, hop, fall, roll over, and land up on my feet! Yup. I am a mystery of my own making. Why its all second nature to me.  Remarkable. Utterly remarkable.  Yes Siree....
(Sits down. Guru position)
Some times I feel like a Guru. Yup. A guru of my own making....
(Hums. Rises slowly. Moves in slow motion. Mysterious music.)
Listen here, I have a big secret. And you’ll be the first to hear about it.  Whenever I take a deep breath, I have an ability start all over again. Yup. Sure enough. You betcha. In the beginning was the beginning that led to another beginning. Yup. That’s it in a nut shell.
(dance change)
Look here, I am floating inside a diorama of stars. I am in a universe of compelling exhaltation.  I am inside a miasma of uncertainties. Believe or not. I snap open an umbrella, take a step, and another, and another. Magic! Well what do you know? I am in a place where I have never been before.  I am floating inside of Zeno’s paradox. With no infinitesimal point to stop. A space with  no end in sight. Other galaxies. Other time. Other places.  Becoming and going in pure beatitude. Wow!
(dance change)
Here I am, a top flight navigator. Jumping from one oasis of cosmic dust to another.  Pursued, seized, dazzled by light. Light hearted, light headed, lighter than air. A hurly burly ecstatic rump of a dream, at the edge of a black hole. As revealing as an after birth!
Well, that’s it! See you at my next turn around. My next transformation. My next tumbling into space with no regrets.  Einstein, I owe you one!
( A sonic boom, a splash of light. Happy Einstein flips into the cosmos with a big bang!)
Lights out.

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