Ned Bobkoff

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40 years of experience
working with people from all walks of life
in a variety of cultural & community settings throughout the
United States, Canada, Turkey, and Eastern Europe

Learn about Ned Bobkoff's vision through his autobiographical Memoir as
published in three separate sections in the respected "scene4magazine."

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Part 1: Vision: A Theater Memoir

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Part 2: Environmental Theater

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Part 3: National and International Venues

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Performance has to do with learning from experience
and using what you've learned to grow into someone
you have never been before.

It is not a magic formula, 
a systematic collection of effects,

a superimposition of  behavior,
or a rigid, previously grounded concept.

 It is a process done by this person, in this time and
place, with these means, and, at the same time,
revealing someone we recognize.





Ned Bobkoff
writer, director, teacher, producer
(not necessarily in that order)





Copyright © 2010 Ned Bobkoff

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