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Currently 130 publications in books, magazines, and newspapers, including 60 online publications at Scene4: International Magazine of Performing Arts and Media.


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"After The Visit, The Ruins." New Theatre Vistas: Essays on International Directing.
Ed. Judy Lee Oliva. New York: Garland Press, November 1995

“Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Friend or Foe?” Alliances: Re/Envisionng Indigenous – Non Indigenous Relationships:  Ed. Lynne Davis, University of Toronto,  March 2010



"The Magic of Tex-Mex: Folklore." THE Magazine, June 1993:21

"An Act of Kindness." THE Magazine.  May 1993:33

"Jumping Through Hoops at the Tail End of the Century." THE Magazine, October 1992:24

"No Magic Formulas." (interview/Mark Medoff) Dramatics, January 1989:32-37

"Why I Teach Theatre." Dramatics, March 1986:3-7

"James Thomas Jackson and Me." Writer's Digest, February 1977:19
"Transformational Video." Radical Software, August 1975:31

"Directing MacBird." The Inditor, November, 1966:14


Fiction /Plays/Translation

“Genuine American Article”, Eldorado Sun (“6 Stories”), September, 2000:21-24

“A Daring Dramatic Leap”, Eldorado Sun (“Words Up!”), September, 1999: 34-35

"The Black Widow Waltz." Spirit Magazine, July 1990:12-16; Eldorado Sun             (“Words Written”), September, 1998: 26-28

Elie-Georges Berreby, "Jonah" (translation by John Reich with Ned Bobkoff).             Modern International Drama, Spring 1987:7-27

"The Angel in the Balcony." Adelphi Quarterly, Spring 1969:31-37

Essays & Reviews
 (theater, film, music, visual arts, politics)

Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Friend or Foe?

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Theatre: Annual conferences of the American Theatre for Higher Education, The American Theatre Association,  New Mexico Theatre Association, the Rocky Mountain Theatre Conference. Also the Varna International Theatre Festival, the Sliven Summer Theatre & University, the American Center in Sofia, the Blagoevgrad State Theatre (Bulgaria) & the Istanbul International Theatre  Institute (Turkey). Also the State University of New York (Brockport, Stony Brook), Nassau and Suffolk County Community Colleges, Southhampton Community College,  C.W. Post (NY), Western New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, The College of Santa Fe, University of California (Riverside), the Taos Arts Association, the University of Texas (El Paso), Casper College (WY), University of Maine (Portland), Rice University (TX), Loyola University (LA),  South Arkansas Community College, Northern Arizona University (the Greyhill Project),  Rosemont College(PA), and the Houston Urban League.                   

Video demonstrations: Electronic Arts Intermix, The Kitchen, the Anthology Film Archives, The Museum of Modern Art (NYC),  the Binghamton Experimental TV Center, Ithaca Video Festival, Hallwells Gallery (Buffalo), the Northport Civic Center, the Slavic Cultural Center (Pt. Jefferson), the State University of New York ( Stony Brook, Cortland},  Suffolk Community College, Southhampton Community College, Suffolk County Arts Association, Woodstock Video Festival  (NY),  San Francisco Film and Video Festival, University of California (Irvine), New Haven Video Workshop, the Bulgarian Ecology/Theatre conference,  “Shall We Take Over?” East European Theatre Conference (Bulgaria), and a variety of community libraries.

Newspapers and Magazines

"Tragedy Out On A Limb." Santa Fe Reporter, November 16-22, 1994:18

"Our Old Kentucky Home." Santa Fe Reporter, October 12-19, 1994:25

"Salesmen, Surrealism and Silliness." Santa Fe Reporter, May 23-29 1990:23

"Fences Oddly Heroic." Santa Fe Reporter, March 14-30 1990:32

"Turbulence and Transcendence." Santa Fe Reporter, January 24-30, 1990:16

"A Shayna Maidel Captures the Heart." Santa Fe Reporter, December 6-12,             1989:27

"'Stumps'- An Explosive Drama." Santa Fe Reporter, February 14-20, 1989:43

"Dark of the Moon." Santa Fe Reporter, July 19-25, 1989:24

"Rep 'Ryder' Brings It All Back Home," Santa Fe Reporter, February 1-7, 1989:24

"College Production of Lorca a Brave Effort," Santa Fe Reporter, March 1-7, 1989

"'The Hopi Prayer': Both a warning and a promise." The Taos News, June 9,                   1988:B11,B15

"Poetry in Black." The Taos News, May 18, 1988:B5

"A Grand Tour of Taos Galleries." The Taos News, April 14, 1988: B6

"Artist's work, clever titles add air of discovery to exhibit." The Sunday Freeman             (Kingston, NY), July 8, 1984:36

"Couple Revives Early 20th Century Music." The Daily Freeman (Kingston, New

"Arts Colony Reaches Out To Community". The Daily Freeman, July 13, 1984:9

"Brigadoon." Woodstock Times, July 26, 1986:14

"The World According To Me." Woodstock Times, July 24, 1986:33

“Art Awareness Holds Its Own." Woodstock Times, July 12, 1986:38-39

"The Return of Pinocchio." Woodstock Times, July 17, 1986:24-27

"In Grand Perspective and Push Pin Posters." Woodstock Times, July 17, 1986:40-41            
 "Cinematic Jazz." Woodstock Times, July 12, 1986:14

"Kenny Burrell, Master Guitarist." Woodstock Times, July 10, 1986:47

"Fox Fire." Woodstock Times, July 5, 1984: 29

"Belladonna." Woodstock Times, July 3, 1986:10

"Jack Kendrick: Poet, Boxer, Deer Slayer, Cheerleader." Woodstock Times, June         
19, 1986:38-39

"Dreaming Green." Woodstock Times, May 29, 1986:30-31

"Aloha, Alaska." Woodstock Times, September 5, 1985: 28

"Hunting Cockroaches." Woodstock Times, August 29, 1985:23

"Shelter." Woodstock Times, August 29, 1985:34

"In Memorium." Woodstock Times, August 15, 1985:23

"What To Look For When You See A Play." Woodstock Times, August 8, 1985:18-0

"The Torch Bearers." Woodstock Times, August 1, 1985:32

"Shakespeare Party Does It Again." July 24, 1985:26

"Hopping Fences in Palenville." Woostock Times, June 27, 1985: Section 2 1-2

 "Spalding Grey: Without the Definitions." "Galen Blum: Moving and Changing."  Woodstock Times, July 25, 1985:Section Two: 1-3

"Ondine in Poughkeepsie." Woodstock Times, July 18, 1985:28

"The Sad Russian Violin That Is Also Funny." Woodstock Times, July 11, 1985:19-  20       

"Woodward and Cristofer Prepare For "'The Sea Gull." Woodstock Times, July 3,             1985:23-24

"Report Card On Educating Rita." Woodstock Times, July 3, 1985: 36

"Archipenko (1877-1964)." The Woodstock Times, June 27, 1985: 34-35

"Braun and Frazier Duet at the Kleinert." Woodstock Times, May 30, 1985:28-29

"Message and Metaphor, Friedman Solo at Art Awareness." Woodstock Times,                September 6, 1984:19

"Just Lie In Your Bed And Listen." Woodstock Times, August 30, 1984:29-30

"Art Awareness Hosts Sound Wave Saturday, Egas Installation, and Painting and               Sculpture by Friedman." Woodstock Times, July 19, 1984:18

"Exceptional O'Neill at the Byrdcliffe." July 12, 1984: 46

"What Will We Do With Our Horses?" Woodstock Times, June 7, 1984:29

"Old Vienna at the Pine Orchard." Woodstock Times, August 25, 1983:26

"A Murder Well-Written." Woodstock Times, August 18, 1983:23

"Viveca Lindfors and Spaulding Gray." Woodstock Times, August 15, 1983:41

"Serenading Louie." Woodstock Times, August 11, 1983:21

"Whitman Celebrated In Theatre." Woodstock Times, August 4, 1983:24

"Fallen Angels With Clipped Wings” Woodstock Times, August 4, 1983:30

“The Second Man Cometh." Woodstock Times, July 21, 1983: 25-26

"Machiavelli to Houdini Handcuffed." July 21, 1983:18-19

"The Talking Band." Woodstock Times, July 14, 1983:18-19

"A Night Out With Edna and Emily." Woodstock Times, July 14, 1983:25-26
"Satire and Sanctimony." Woodstock Times, July 7, 1983:21-22

"Excellent Shaw at the Playhouse." Woodstock Times, August 19, 1982: 23

"Did The Snake Swallow The Little Prince?" Woodstock Times, August 19, 1982:48

"Jumping Off The Clyffe." Woodstock Times, August 12, 1982:34

"Shakespeare At Byrdcliffe." Woodstock Times, July 29, 1982:32-33


On Line Publications

Scene4: International Magazine of Performing and Media Arts (over 60 articles, essays, fiction, and commentary)

Scene 4 is an influential magazine that attracts between 120,000 – 140,000 hits per month. Over 60 of my essays, reviews, fiction and plays are listed in the archives. Contact me at Ned Bobkoff. com. I will be delighted to send you a list.   





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