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From Scene 4: International Magazine of Theater, Film and Media

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Catch As Catch Can (review)
Vaudeville 2000 (comedy)
Heart Beat (dance/theatre)
Cross Cultural Collaborations: Friend or Foe? (theatre/dance)
Jazz in the Flower City(music)
War of Special Effects(theatre)
The Hour we Knew Nothing of Each Other (theatre)
The War of Special Effects (film))

A Daring Dramatic Leap (fiction)
The Comic Drama of Cartoons/The Art of William Steig (review)
Chalice Stream, the soft edge of Victory (dance)
Soothing the Raging Beat (Jazz as Theater)



Writer's Digest Cover
Jazz Pianist
Catch As Catch Can
Jazz Musicians
Chalice Stream
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Soothing the Raging Beat Soothing the Raging Beat Catch As Catch Can Chalice Stream: the soft edge of victory